Anastasia's mission is for every woman to have trust in her self and create her own path to authentic nourishment. 


Anastasia is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Nutrition Therapist specialising in self-trust, with over 6 years private practice experience as a nutrition therapist/dietitian. She identifies as an empath and also a recovering perfectionist and believes that everyone can have a healthy relationship with food and body.

Anastasia is passionate about self-development and has trained in mindful eating, eating psychology and is a certified intuitive eating counselor. Her experience with dieting and an eating disorder has lead her to look and think outside the box when it comes to nourishing ourselves. 

Most professionals and programs discuss the what you "should" do and leave out the "why you do what you do" plus dismiss the unseen energies of emotions and intuition. 

Identifying as an empath often means you are much more sensitive to other's energy and opinions and may try to be perfect in everything you do to feel less emotionally vulnerable. Yet once you have the tools to be grounded in your own body wisdom and intuition, you gain the ability to nourish and trust ourselves consistently - plus the ability to connect meaningfully with the people that matter the most to you- what a gift! 

In addition you may have noticed that diets, meal plans and "shoulds" don't work (in the long term). When trying to follow these plans and external rules it feels controlling, boring and as a form of self-betrayal (especially if you're an empath).

Anastasia personally battled through years of yo-yo dieting, bulimia, low self-worth, anxiety and panic attacks, while going through numerous unsuccessful relationships. She discovered that being an empath and someone with the "perfectionist mindset" were two things that kept her stuck in disconnect from her own body wisdom. Her work with numerous clients and her ongoing study and research in areas of nutrition, psychology, mindset, and perfectionism lead her to the approach she uses today in her group coaching program Perfectionists Get Nourished.

If you're stuck disliking your body, feel overwhelmed every time you think about a health goal, start something new and quickly feel burnt out, you likely are a perfectionist AND conventional programs and diets will make your perfectionism worst and keep you stuck in the "I'm not good enough" loop. 


In Perfectionists Get Nourished, Anastasia has combined her personal experience with being a recovering perfectionist, education in nutrition, psychology and intuitive eating to create an approach guaranteed to create the meaningful change you've been craving. 


Perfectionists Get Nourished launches 21 Feb 2022!!


About Anastasia 

Anastasia has a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney; she is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Eating Psychology Coach and Mindfulness Coach. 

She has worked across multiple setting including hospital, private practice and community settings. She's dedicated in helping people improve their health in a holistic way. 

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