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Ready to ditch the guilt & finally trust your body?

Intuitive Eating Counseling

 love to help my clients connect to their body, build trust in themselves and eat in an intuitive way. I run my sessions in both English and Greek.

To achieve becoming intuitive we dive into:

  • the science of how your body works (and why diets fail us!),

  • ways that we disconnect from our body guidance and wisdom,

  • learning ways to support our nervous system,

  • understanding and listening to our emotions 

  • self-care and support for our physical body 

  • nutrition therapy that's used as a tool to improve our authentic health (rather than as weapon against ourselves - as it is done in diet culture!),

  • learning to nourish yourself consistently

  • knowing when, what, how much to eat (without confusing diet rules)

... and so much more! 

I use an evidence based, holistic approach to guide you towards healing your relationship with food, that places you and your lived experiences at the centre of our sessions. I love to include principles from the field of psychology of eating, mindfulness and self-compassion as well as nutrition therapy to support you on your journey. 

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I can help you


  • Understand your body's biology and recognise ways that diet culture keeps you stuck

  • Connect to your internal cues for hunger, satiety and fullness and eat according to your body's needs

  • Let go of mindsets, beliefs, thoughts that are unhelpful 

  • Learn how to use self-compassion to move towards authentic health 

  • Find true pleasure in eating (without guilt)

  • Feel calm and in charge around food

  • Nourish yourself with a variety of foods (without skipping any food groups)

  • Learn how to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and yourself feeling energised 

  • Care and support your body as it is right now

  • Trust yourself and live a fulfilled life not dictated by numbers

  • Support around how different foods make you feel,

  •  Ways to balance eating for enjoyment and nourishment with medical conditions 

How does it all work?

All sessions are currently offered via telehealth (we use Zoom).


All sessions are personalised and as unique as you are, as I focus on your priorities, concerns and lived experiences. In the first couple of sessions we will chat about your lived experience with dieting, your medical history, current eating patterns, your favourite foods, thoughts and beliefs about food and your body, your lifestyle and barriers preventing you from achieving your goals. From there we'll discuss what you're hoping to achieve from working together.

In follow up sessions we unpack your experiences in the real world, the obstacles you've come across and strategies you may have tried. This is the space where growth and transformation happens. When you're able to safely share your challenges and overcome them - transformation happens through connection! Our priority is finding ways throughout the seasons to honour your health and wellbeing by nourishing a healthy relationship with food and your body. This takes into consideration all aspects of health - physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social etc. 

I am trauma informed and use Health At Every Size® in my practice. 

The best way to book a telehealth is by completing the form below. I will then email you back within 48 hours with all necessary paper work and available times. 

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It's very common to be done with dieting and feeling guilty around food, and wanting to find a different approach, yet still desire to lose weight. 

If you find yourself at this place right now, know that you're not alone. Diet culture and the obsession around body size and weight is all around us. As you may already know, evidence clearly indicates that diets don't work for long term health. Part of our sessions together is discussing the desire for weight loss and ways to put it aside to focus on creating healthy habits that will support your wellbeing throughout life, rather than a quick fix.

What about weight loss?

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What My Clients Say

Erica, Client

Working with Ana changed my life. I learned not to hate myself anymore or to think of myself as a failure if I wasn't thin. I learned that my value is not linked to my size and that you can't hate yourself thin. I also learned that restrictive dieting creates binge eating and that explained so much about the terrible year I was having trying to lose weight. I learned that I should trust my body to tell me when to eat and when to stop."