3 reasons why keeping a diary helps with indecision


t's so easy to forget the inner progress you've made. Have you felt this?

You feel a sense of clarity, you know this path is really exciting to you and that you're committed to move in this direction....UNTIL....you talk to someone!!

Whether that's your mum, your friend, a person you just met that you just happen to mention your old/current job title to...and baaaam you're back into confused land of "I'm not sure what I want to be doing with my life".

1. Our Brain Loves To Repeat What's Familiar

Yup, our beautiful brain really loves repeating the path that's most travelled aka repeating what feels safe and has seemed to work for us so far. This is why we get stuck in patterns and form certain habits.

Now if they serve our values and goals, that's awesome! But if they don't, then we feel really crap... and we may go around in circles of repeating the same habit, feeling crap, trying to change it, but then get sucked back into the same habits (cause it's what we're used to!).

Understanding this concept mentally is one thing...but really let that sink in, by imagining this scenario:

You're trying to transition into a new career and you're feeling undecided about taking that leap of faith towards the new direction. You talk to your mum who mentions that money is really good in your current job, and bam, you're back into doubting yourself land.

Like every human being, you're craving a sense of certainty, of belonging and safety and having that stable job provides that, but it's also making you miserable.

You may not even be in a job currently, but you're trying to make a decision between two paths and you feel stuck in indecision - there is your inner intuition and guidance on the one hand, and the collective voice of society and what you're taught is "best" for you on the other.

I call it the middle space of inaction. It feels so exhausting, cause you're not moving forward and you're just in your mind a lot of the time. Keeping a diary means that you can start to recognise which thoughts are your own, and which are learnt or picked up by your family, friends and society at large...

2. You Can Further Investigate Your Values

One effective way of recognizing your values, and the true direction you want to take, is to write down your thoughts every day, without overthinking. Just write whatever comes up for you. And then filter them through the lens of: "Is this thought coming from a place of fear/scarcity or from a place of abundance/joy?" Here's an example of thoughts below:



I need to be making money, if I don't I'm a failure.

Yes, I do need to have the safety net of money to live (is there a way I can get a side job so I can focus on what I want to build?). Success is not based on how much money you make - otherwise all rich people would be happy, yet many of them still feel inadequate even when they seem to have it all. Success is keeping going, and finding the path that sparks the most joy for me while making a living for it!

People have the expectation that I'll continue with my current job. Deep down, I don't want to disappoint them.

Yes, there are always people that see me a certain way. That expect certain things from me, or that wish certain things for me. But my life path is my own, and I need to move towards what excites me, even if it doesn't fully make sense right now.

I'm afraid that I won't make it - this feel new and scary.

I need to know that I've given this a shot, even though it's scary. But I also need to consider that I don't want my nervous system to be in complete fight/flight mode. I'll consider what I need in order to feel safe enough to work on this. I know that courage is stepping out in faith, even when I don't have all the answers.

3 You Can Reveal Inner Wisdom You Never Even Know You Had

I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but I've read back on diaries and see words, insight and wisdom I don't even recognise! I'm blown away by my own words!!

There's been many times that the answers I've been looking for have been written by me in my own diary, waiting to be read by the future me.

So every time you write in your diary- you're giving your future self a gift. Even if you go back and see the same thing written over and over again, that's equally exciting! You can see the patterns or habits that are keeping you stuck or in indecision.

What's next you say? Well, the next step is to begin honouring your learnings, taking your self, thoughts, insight seriously and paying attention to your inner intuitive guidance.