5 tips to deal with impatience when improving health habits

I want what I want and I want it now.

Hearing my nephew demanding (and screaming) to get his grandma's attention, so she can play with him, reminded me of that part of myself that wants what I want right now.

Can you recognise that part of yourself?

In my case, I call it my inner child… back then it wanted that toy… or that person to play with me… and now? It wants results, it wants rewards and it wants them now!

When I feel that energy rising within me, I feel inpatient. Everything feels too hard, like a burden and I just want to get to the end result NOW.

Sound familiar?

Recognising that aspect of you is important when it comes to intuitive eating.

Cause learning to eat intuitively and improve your health (mentally, physically and emotionally) doesn’t happen over night.

It’s a process where (depending on how long you've been entrenched in dieting) you need the right tools, mindset, support AND above all patience with yourself to get you to that next level.

The weight loss industry tends to keep us stuck in the mindset of "quick is best" designed to speak to that inpatient part of you. It’s easy to give up super quickly if your focus is on your weight or a fantasy you have about your body - cause you're focused on the outcome instead of the behaviours (and how they make you feel).

What I'm suggesting is that we switch the perspective and focus of our expectations. When we are weight focused we normally want to see fast results, and if we don’t, we get discouraged, blame ourselves and feel powerless and stuck in “I’m not good enough". Pus (and importantly) focusing on weight perpetuates the weight stigma and discrimination that is so rampant in our society.

Some tips around dealing with this:

  1. Focus on your behaviours and the habits that make you feel good (that inner feeling of wellbeing). And place weight loss goals in the backburner (not your main goal, not focused on it as an outcome you measure success by) I understand that you may still desire to achieve weight loss, and it's ok to do so, but make it the least important aspect of your journey.

  2. Allow yourself to feel, cry, and embrace that part of your inner child that’s feeling hurt. When you feel like you want to give up and like everything is too hard, take time out and really sit with that feeling and be there for yourself like you would for a good friend (eg. make yourself a cup of hot tea, have a bath or hot shower, place your hand on your heart etc.)

  3. Reassure yourself: say to yourself "hey, it’s ok to want results right now!", “I know it’s hard, it’s ok to be upset about this”, "I'm here for you".

  4. Remind yourself that it’s about the journey not a destination. Ask yourself: “how will I feel once I’m actually at the destination? Channel that energy and live from that space in the now. Imagine having that peaceful relationship with food, to feel more joyful, more energetic, more grounded, more connected with your body and more pleasure to just be you. What else do you see?

  5. Do your thing and trust that nature has your back. This one is challenging cause it requires faith and the concept of "let go and let God" in a spiritual sense. You may not understand or see the results you seek right away, but just focus on doing one small thing every day and allowing for things to "click" and fall into place.