"You're so special" -wait is this a trap?

We have this belief, mainly handed down from parents, that we're special. That we somehow will make the world of difference in our lifetime. And maybe we will.

But not in the way that we imagine. In this post I want to talk about how the belief that we need to somehow be special, can lead to feelings of inadequacy and the inability to appreciate the small things in life.

I imagined that I would somehow be this extraordinary person. In fact, I attempted towards perfection - which we all know doesn't exist AND keeps you isolated, afraid and in inaction. I was aiming towards being incredible, towards meeting this imaginary standard I had set in my mind from the expectations of others...

And then I realised that this grandiose dream is actually what kept me trapped in the "not good enough" cycle of thoughts stuck on replay in my mind.

We compare our reality to our imagination (which is made up of things we see in movies, magazines, social media, what our parents hope for us, what society says is "norm"... these are societal expectations which we have taken up in our mind, hit record and have left there as a standard we aspire towards....Until *surprise surprise* something happens in our life and our dream comes crushing down cause we can never measure up!

Actually it's not about the fact that we can't measure up, it's about the TRUTH that we're not here to follow external rules. We're not here to measure up to anyone's ideals. We are here to enjoy the heck out of life.

And I know, I know that sounds cliché but just hear me out for a moment.

What if we looked at life, and our reason for existence in a totally different way (from having to be good enough and fit some arbitrary standards defined by others)?

What if you chose to grab a sledge hammer, knock down the walls of societal expectations and free yourself from the walls of misery you've created in your mind. And then...

What if you chose to realise that you're special for being alive. For being able to smile. For being able to give, and receive, and feel. What if the specialness was in all of the experiences of your life...in everything little detail.... regardless of how painful, joyful and every emotion in between it is. It's incredible cause it's something we get to experience.

Imagine if we saw that the purpose of our life is to get to experience as much of it as possible. Without judging those experiences as good or bad, but just being part of the experience, feeling it, honouring it.