How My Money Values Are Keeping Me Indecisive & Stuck

So there has been a year or more of me overthinking the path I want to go down as an entrepreneur. On the one hand, I want to do something that can generate an income and on the other hand I want it to be something that excites me... and I am stuck! Stuck in indecision, stuck in overthinking. Just simply stuck.

Why does that happen? Well, I've know about values and beliefs for ages now, but only recently did I hire a mindset coach to help me unpack some of these thoughts. And what I've found is that the reason why I value money and making my own money is cause I don't want to be dependent on my family, or on anyone. I'm trying to escape something by having enough money and as a result I'm constantly in scarcity mindset of "Do I have enough?", plus fear of what may happen if I don't have enough.

Which Values Serve You?

Some values serve us and some don't. We need to begin to examine what serves us and -the most difficult part- release what doesn't actually serve us. This releasing of what doesn't serve us takes courage, like a lot of courage!

Cause we're so used to not ever saying NO. Us people pleasers just want to make sure that we belong and please aaand we have huge FOMO (fear of missing out). So the indecision gets even bigger! "But I could be really good doing that!" "People would be missing out if I don't offer that!" "Maybe I can just do it all.".

Yes, we could be so so good doing so many different things, but that can really keep us from moving forward to taking meaningful action - and by that I mean the kind of action that ignites you from the inside out. The kind of action that really sparks that excitement (and a bit of fear).

We are on the path of rediscovering and re-aligning with what really makes us happy without guilt, FOMO and needing to please and this stuff can feel messy and so mind boggling, and confusing.

Here are some other reasons I value making money (some may serve me and some definitely don't serve me):

  • I want to make my own decisions and be independent (do I really need money to do that?)

  • I want to be important/significant/to feel like I've achieved/to be worthy (wow, realising this comes from an upbringing of parents that brainwashed us that to be happy you need to have a good job and be making lots of money)

  • I want to have freedom/time to do things that matter (hmm I often get stuck around what is it that really matters to me? I've been so used to following what others have told me is the right thing for me that I'm only now discovering what actually excites me)

  • I don't want to be seen as being weak by my family (yup, this is one that definitely has to go! this mindset of what my family thinks of me has ran the show most of my life, and it leads nowhere.)

Beliefs clash + they confuse us + keep us stuck

As you can see I have beliefs/values around money that are based in fear of not being good enough, and they are potentially clashing with the gifts that I have to offer in this world and the ability to trust my intuition and follow a career that excites me.

On the one hand I want to build an online community for entrepreneurs that are breaking free from people pleasing and feeling stuck in indecision and on the other hand I have fear of letting go of a career in dietetics that I've paid, studied and worked hard for, cause I have the belief that one can bring me certainty of money and the other is stepping into the unknown and trusting my own intuition and instincts.

Is this you? Are you stuck between two choices or more. Have you been wanting to do something new but feel afraid and stuck?