Your Intuition Filter

Your Intuition Filter

You were born with a strong intuition filter. You took in all of the information, the energy and you filtered what didn't sit well from what resonated. Until you were told to do something that went against what felt right just to be a "good girl".

In that moment you began to disconnect from your intuition filter in an exchange

of being accepted, to belong, to feel loved.

Are you beginning to understand what your intuition filter is about?

It is the hunch, that inner truth or inner "pull" that guides you through life. This is when we discover that to create a meaningful life, we must begin to take small steps using our intuition filter.

Using your intuition filter effectively…

means that you can walk into a room of people, chat with someone you've just met, start a new class and never feel like you are losing yourself, like you are disconnected from yourself and your needs. You are in tune with your needs, your deep desires and your callings.

And because you are unique, everything around you is filtered through your very unique, personal intuition filter, so you can keep what rings true and discard the rest.

Developing your intuition filter requires you to be in your body.

To be present and allow your body to do it's thing without interruption or judgement. Physically feeling your feelings and knowing that you are always able to come back to yourself. This is the way that you can then check in with your intuition and make sure that you have honoured your filter.

This process of using our intuition filter is in my opinion is the truest healing! It is through this process that you can finally get to know yourself fully, fall in love with who you are and follow your dreams.

Step one: honour your body wisdom Step two: understand your mindset Step three: take action towards what feels right for you. Need guidance? We all do! Reach out any time and I'm excited to support you on your journey.